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I have a profound love for lone trees ... trees rooted where they do not appear to belong, yet they thrive and stand with sophisticated posture because of their circumstances, despite their purpose or beauty.  

About Me

Darla Hancock

Hi!  I'm Darla ---> a Midwest girl turned Southern wife and mom with dreams and lots of colorful ideas. 

Growing up, I remember getting art supplies as gifts and with the purest intentions, dream of creating original pieces of perfection. However, I was  unable to produce anything on paper that resembled anything that was in my head. I tried and tried to draw, but my learning disabilities (and possibly lack of natural talent) distorted my hard work into abstract ideas instead of extravagant creations. 

Through the years, I found myself spending time invested in music, organization, writing and playing with colors.  While working on my art degree in college, I eventually gravitated towards Color Field painting, as it seemed to hold a world of possibilities in the process of playing with colors. 

The process of creating art, storytelling and music are my happy places.  And, it is while painting, I can express and communicate without using spoken words - a true introvert's dream!!   The canvas acts as the roots to grow thoughts and emotions without limits, allowing me to transform the lone-ness each of us experiences into a colorful story. 

I look forward to sharing my experiments of color with you, knowing the colors painted will tell a story whether it’s to brighten a day, bring life to an empty room or inspire someone in their own, unique way.    



We can match your requested style and custom paint color for a contemporary Fine Art piece. Or,  do you have a cherished sweater or blanket that  you’d like to display? Let’s add it to a painted canvas for a Home Decor keepsake.  I’m excited to add color to your home or office!

-  Professional Decorators and Art Studio inquiries are welcome.   -


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Better yet, see us in person!

Currently, I am a local artisan at Quaint & Quirky.  My gallery pieces can be found at their shop.  We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

For inquires for commissioned pieces and/or direct buy of art, please drop me an email!  I would love to hear from you.

Quaint & Quirky

12216 West Broad Street, Henrico, Virginia 23233, United States



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